Helping to maintain a skilled workforce and a competitive edge

Wider Skills offers a cost-effective way to keep the skills, knowledge and professional status of your employees up-to-date.

Why choose Wider Skills?

A skilled, motivated and engaged workforce is an asset to any employer so why not help them to maintain their skills and professional status by offering access to Wider Skills?

Our professional registration and job-related training schemes can operate by salary deduction from net pay or salary sacrifice from gross pay giving employees National Insurance savings.

Wider Skills provides an easy and cost-effective way for you to support the professional development of your employees. Well-supported employees typically feel a greater commitment to their employer. In this way, Wider Skills can help to reduce the costs of staff turnover and recruitment.

Allowing your employees to pay for job-related training via their salary can help your training budget go much further. Work-based learning can also count towards the continuing professional development (CPD) requirement of many professional registrations.

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Key Benefits

  • Fully HMRC compliant with full support for implementation.
  • Help your business remain competitive by developing essential skills amongst your employees.
  • Make your training budget go further.
  • Easily tailored to suit your workforce demographic.
  • Salary sacrifice or salary deduction options available.